Chauffeur Service - VIP SERVICE

We offer a VIP service for all of Southern France with AUDI
Availability of a helicopter in partnership with Heli Air Monaco Luxury and Confortable Taxis
Train stations served: Avignon, Valence, Montélimar
Airport Taxi Avignon, Marseille, Nice, Lyon and private airstrips
24 hour, 7d/7 transport all over France or Europe ; Paris, Barcelona, Geneva, Milan

Reservations with a simple phone call:

+33 6 08 61 36 19

You have ample choice for your form of transport





Business VIP-CAR services
Professionalism, availability, security and discretion.

Vehicles always available for your company.


Events Car offers you high quality services for your business travel. We are here to help you best organize travel in luxury cars with air-conditioning, telephone and tri-lingual chauffeurs.


Sud Provence will assist you with projects such as film shoots, conferences, seminars, and marriages.


Our “plus” service that allows you the use of our luxury car or vans for _ or full day.


For the transport of important files or other urgent documents
To provide transport if a drivers license is suspended
Trips to airports or train stations
Welcome for your VIP clients, and their travel needs




Urgent Courier Service

We will transport your high value packages with an armored vehicle.

Transport of small urgent packages or papers throughout France and the EU

Software, samples, medical prostheses, high value items.






Discretion, tact, Quality Corporate Culture


Often ignored elsewhere, our discretion is of the utmost. Discretion and security in the quality of the services that are provided by Sud Provence, where everything is organized around one goal: to simplify your life by transporting you in the greatest comfort.


We will not give your personal datas (name, first name, mailing address, e-mail and phone number) to another companies without express license. When the information collected in the frame asks of estimate are communicated to companies of marketing research they are anonymous.

Loi informatique et liberté

According to the capacities and to the applicable French and Community rule, particulary the Law N 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 - relative to data processing, files and liberties, you can access and change your private informations collected within the framework of estimates, by writing to us

Quality Corporate Culture

We got new cars regulary to offer the best comfort and the last technologies to ours customers. Our drivers, all native from Provence, speak French, English, and Italian. Transportions are insured in professional civil liability by Gan Cie.

Selling Conditions

The communicated prices are applicable to January 05th, 2009. They get along very understood. They include the insurance for the transported travellers subject to payment, the expenses of car and the service driver.
Toll and carpark are invoicees in addition
VAT: 5.5% for the travellers and 19.6% for parcel delivery
Except special agreement, our invoices must be paid on reception. To be admissible, complaint will have to be formulated to us, during the eight days following the provided service. In case of litigation, the Court of Valence is the only one qualified.









Tourism in extraordinary natural surroundings

Mont Ventoux
It is in Provence des Papes that majestic mountain ranges meet the river plains of the Rhone. Mont Ventoux is the highest peak covered with typical Mediterranean shrubs and forest, and crowned with its curious white moon-like boulders. The slopes of the Ventoux are abundant with wild life.

Dentelles de Montmirail
These curious hills appear to be cut out of lace and make a dramatic backdrop to the spreading plains of vineyards below their slopes. Mountain climbing and hiking, as well as horseback riding and mountain biking can be practiced in this beautiful environment.

This region is filled with medieval villages whose fortifications blend into the rocky hillsides and whose roof tops seem to support the azure blue sky above. In this area you will find 5 of the “Most beautiful villages in France” where the art de vire a la Provencal allows you to taste local cuisine and wines in the shade of the platane trees on village squares. Windy streets bordered by draw stone walls allow for cool wanderings on sunny days. Other sites to not miss are the typical Provencale markets that occur in the village centers, many of which are protected by UNESCO Biosphere program.diversified.

La Drôme Provençale
Close your eyes; the soft and musky notes of the Provencal hills tell the story of lavender and its unique perfume. Let yourself wander through the enchanting maze both winter and summer of olive trees, lavender, sunflowers, truffles and grapes, almond and linden trees. A beautiful and mysterious region that we will help you discover.

is referenced with the Tourism departments of the Vaucluse and the Drome, as a company that promotes the development and enhancement of these regions.






Tour circuit of Beaumes de Venise


Beaumes de Venise
Gourmet lunch
Dentelles de Montmirail

Discovering the Bee Vine yards

A route that opens to you the terroir of Beaumes and the vineyard of bees, mentioned by Pliney the Elder (1st century B.C.).

Winetasting and fine food.

After winetasting with passionate wine makers, your appetite will be further encouraged by lunch at the Dolium Restaurant full of original and refined flavours. The chef Pascal Poulain is particularly careful to use only the freshest, local ingredients.

The Dentelles, a geological treasure where man has learned to live in harmony with nature.

These beautiful hills were born over 250 million years ago, due to pressure from the African tectonic plate., First river sand, then limestone, salt, gypse and clay were at the origin of this triad of mountains, which geologists have named les Trias. The mountains form a natural barrier for the 1300 hectares of vines that are planted on and around the slopes.

Planted within 2500 hectares of forest, fed by three natural springs, the terroir produces unforgettable wines such as the fruity muscat and rose. The vineyards are pesticide free and are spread between four villages; Beaumes de Venise, la Fare-les Oliviers, Suzette et la Roque. They also make up an eco-system protected since 1992 by the Ministry of Environment.

Le Caveau de Beaume de Venise

Discovering Dentelles de Montmirail.
Workshop of famous Muscat de Beaume-de-Venise.
Vigneron day in september and october.
More :







Vineyard tourism. Discovery of vineyards without driving



Sud Provence will be your guide in discovering these four vineyard regions and types of wine. Whether you're come from near or far, we will make sure your chosen itinerary is a success.
All year round, our drivers will share with you the best addresses of wine makers in the region
At harvest time, guided tours of the actual winemaking.
For individual or group visits ask us for the program.

Côte du Rhône.

A civilization born from the intimate alliance of a river and the vines. Richness and diversity of the terroirs and grape varieties have been carefully crafted by man to produce extraordinary wines. The Mediterranean climate, marked by the strong mistral wind lends to the beneficial development of the grapes.

Côte du Ventoux

Situé sur les contreforts du Mont Ventoux, (1912 m), le vignoble des Côtes du Ventoux s'étend au sud et à l'ouest du massif, 51 communes constituent l'aire d'appellation, et elles sont toutes inscrites dans le département de Vaucluse.

Les Côtes du Luberon

Located on the slopes of the Mont Ventoux (1912 m) these vineyards spread to the south and west of the mountain covering 51 communities, all in the Vaucluse.

Caveau de Beaume de Venise.

Discovery of the Dentelles de Montmirail
Vinification of the famous Muscat de Beaume de Venise
Winemakers day in September and October






Discovery of olive groves


Maussane les Alpilles
Les Baux de provence
Beaume de Venise

Provencal Olives

With some of the most famous olive oils in France, the Vaucluse, Drome Provencale,and the Alpilles can be considered the best producers of their kind. The specific regional varieties have a light green color, autumnal nose and good viscosity. The best period of harvest is between November and December after a freeze.


The prettiest countryside warmed by the summer sun, nature in its purest state for a weekend or a day. Here you will meet the olive oil makers and visit their presses.








Exploring the lavender route


Le Mont Ventoux

Explortation circuit

Charming visits that will unveil the sense and perfume of lavender; distillation, cultivation and botanical history, as well as healthy uses of the plant. The chauffeur will drive you through typical Drome villages, beautiful landscapes immersed in lavender and historic sites along the way.

Well-being visits

Visits that encourage the medicinal and gourmet uses of lavender.


History and passed civilizations have left important imprints on the Enclave des papes both culturally and religiously. We invite you to discover this unique area full of charm.







The Mysterious Truffle


La Drôme Provençale

Truffle orchards

If the Vaucluse and the Drome are a vast truffle orchard, Provence is the un-paralleled cradle for this wonderful fungus. Truffles are truly anchored in Provence, primarily through the markets, but also by the actual growing areas, bottling factories, and above all in restaurants.

“ Black diamonds ”

The truffle is called this because of its color but above all for its value. Truffles are harvested between November and March, principally in the Comtat of Venaissin and the Luberon. The major markets are Apt, Carpentras, Richerenches and Valreas.


The village, founded by Hugues de Bourbouton in the 12th century, was also the seat of the Commanderie des Templiers a true part of French history. Richerenches houses one of the most famous truffle markets in the Enclave des Papes.






Discovery of the ocre villages


Le Colorado Provençal

The Colorado Provençal

In this protected natural park, you will find beautiful green paths to walk down and discover the extraordinary seams of ocre colored earth that are used in the purest state by local potters. Additionally ocre is used in the mixture of paints used by area artisans.

This ocre earth

How can one not describe with enthusiasm this amazing panoply of colors that are encountered in the area; ocre, to deep violet, blending into a greenish yellow, all found in the countryside around Roussillon, in the cliffs of Rustrel and the quarries of Gargas. This ocre earth is a result of millenniums of rain and erosion. Sand that was left over from when the region was covered by the sea has now changed color because of thousands of years of rain when the climate was more tropical, and the iron on the surrounding earth bled into the sand.






Discovering Gourmet Provence


Le Lubéron
La Provence des Papes
Le Comtat Venaissin

Whether it be through maison d'hotes, gourmet restaurants, or local markets we can organize seminars and conferences during which you will be regaled by leading chefs in the region. Their Mediterranean specialities will help you taste the true Provence.




Les taxis grands conforts, un service haut de gamme

Votre activité vous amène à devoir offrir le meilleur des prestations à votre clientèle. En régions Rhône-Alpes et Paca, AUDI et Events Car s'associent pour vous proposer un service unique: le Taxi haut de gamme.

Service chauffeurs, service entreprise et VIP

Voitures grand confort, climatisées et toutes équipées de téléphones.

Equipe compétente formée aux exigences du service personnalisé.

Accueil en gare et aéroport pour vos clients français et étrangers.

Transfert de groupes

Tourisme d'affaire: Provence, Côte d'Azur.

Le chauffeur au plus proche des désirs de vos clients, et des prestations prévues, il aura à cœur de les guider vers les sites les plus remarquables, et les plus appréciés, grâce au meilleur de son carnet d'adresses.