Discretion and Security

Often ignored elsewhere, our discretion is of the utmost. Discretion and security in the quality of the services that are provided by Sud Provence, where everything is organized around one goal: to simplify your life by transporting you in the greatest comfort.

Interior details

Let yourself be embraced by the comfort of travelling in a luxurious interior where every detail is designed for your pleasure. The sensation of perfect road grip, traction and handling all enhanced by diesel propulsion. Smooth driving when it involves city traffic, or winding roads.



Quality service

Whatever the route you choose, it will be an Audi that accompanies you. This implies a certain quality and privileges that are felt as soon as you are picked up by one of our team.

Les taxis grands conforts, un service haut de gamme

Votre activité vous amène à devoir offrir le meilleur des prestations à votre clientèle. En régions Rhône-Alpes et Paca, AUDI et Events Car s'associent pour vous proposer un service unique: le Taxi haut de gamme.

Service chauffeurs, service entreprise et VIP

Comfortable cars with air-conditioning and telephones

Professional chauffeurs trained to the highest degree

Pick-up at train stations or airports for French or local clients .

Group transport

Business tourism in the Drome, Provence and Cote d'Azur

Chauffeurs who will respond to you or your clients requests to visit the most interesting tourist sites and carefully chosen restaurants